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Hello my name is Uma .


I'm the CEO and founder of the company, Youth United Development and YUentertainment. 

YUentertainment is a full service modeling agency representing models who want to enhance their portfolio and to improve their image in the modeling industry.


As your image consultants we will help you get booked into the best special events, corporate events, fashion shows, runway shows, music videos, editorial work and promotions that your look can attract.  Keep in mind that we specialize in getting our models branded so that their allure will make them money in the long term.

Our intent is to teach you about the modeling industry so that you know how to avoid the pitfalls associated with this industry.

Modeling should not be the number one agenda in your life. But, if you are looking to brand yourself, note that it will take a significant investment of your time to become a successful model.

Looking to get a new look or a Beautiful Queen Inspired Cultural makeover?  

At YUentertainment we can have an experienced make-up artist and stylist on deck to help you to capture the most beautiful moment of your lifetime.

Why-You? (YU)  Because you deserve it !

My website also has shopping choices for both men and women.  Browse thru the available items to find what you like and ask me if there is a Discount code available for that item.

Be sure to provide your measurements if you're ordering custom clothing.


If you are Looking for a Model Trainer, I do personal Walking Classes on Thursday Evening's.

Please Submit a Model Application so that I can contact you to book a personal walking session.

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