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Uma York Projects

Fashion shows are all about the right organization, planning, energy, excitement, location, music, selection of models, choreography and much more. After years in the fashion industry and on the runway, I have learned that it's not an easy business to get into unless it's your passion.  It takes a lot of time to plan a Fashion Show or a Fashion Event and a lot of the right type of motivation and dedication.  Planning our Youth and Adult Fashion shows, whether it's a small boutique event or a big elaborate fashion extravaganza,  will take lot of training for the models and all the fashion designers participating. Pulling together the right combination of motivated participants will be the best way to generate an exiting and successful Fashion Event.

Youth and Adult Fashion shows by: Uma York ( Youth United ) 

Youth United Models After doing walking Classes and Model training with Uma York.1 Fashion show and Designer show case, Youth United Models Ages 14 and up.

Youth United EgyptianFashion At NYFW 

Atlanta Culturalfashiondesigner  @ Walk Fashion Show 

The Winter White Party is one of Atlanta's most exclusive social events of the year.  Uma York made a pivotal contribution to the very successful 9th Annual Winter white event. Providing Youth United Models , Designs, Props , Throne, Crowns, Fake snow Flakes etc.

Apache Cafe LGBT Fashion Show  Models 21+

Club Fashion Show Event for Models 18+ and Older ​​​​​​​

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