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Magical Queen of Culture

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I recently went to Haiti on July 19th 2021 for two weeks in the mountains of Haiti to Train to becoming a Spiritual Mambo in Vodou. After going through my Spiritual journey and Spiritual Cleansing process, I am now a Certified Spiritual Healer '' Mother Of Magic '' also known as Priestess. If you're looking for any spiritual work contact me directly on this website.

I give Honor and respect to my Spiritual Mother and Mambo who Initiated me in her Spiritual house and Trained me to become a '' Mother Of Magic ''.

Etwal Bwiye Bon Mambo a traditional Haitian mambo with over 20 years in the Vodou tradition. Mambo is a priestess in the Haitian Voudou religion that loosely translates to “Mother of Magic”. I mainly work in my country Haiti, but I also travel to meet with my clients if needed. I’ve worked with many people all over the world including the United States, Paris, South America and the Caribbean Islands. My Company Societe St. Michel 3Kafou Lè Yo We Yo Sezi is an entity with headquarters located in Haiti and New York.

I am here to help those who has had trouble in love, luck, steady work and bad spirits. I perform healing work with the guidance of my spirits and have helped my clients overcome their woes with divine treatment that aids in healing the mind, body and spirit. I take pleasure in helping those who need spiritual guidance. “The Haitian Vodou community says that the Spirits love it when you share your wealth with the people. The more you share with the people, the more the Spirits will give back to you.

The Mother Of Magic ( Mambo Marie)

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