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Shop at Royalty Customs

Fashion collection Designs of Uma York. 

Uma York hand makes or designs her fashions personally for Everyday wear, Special occasions, Fashion shows, Costumes and Theatrical shows

The first collection she started making  was  an African collection. Her African Fashion collection was  made to inspire the youth. She started a Youth Development Program called YouthUnited, teaching ages 15 and up about basic Etiquette and Modeling.  Teaching them some history also made them appreciate cultural fashion.  The African collection was made with beautiful prints being imported from around the world,  but mostly  from Africa. She also taught the youth about which fabric belongs to which tribe and the region it came from.


Her theme has always been Egyptian inspired with a Royal touch.  When she started making fetish fashion, she still kept the Egyptian theme and named her collection EgyptianRoyalty. This was a complement  to her brand as an Alternative Model and Dominatrix.  


Due to her Atlanta club lifestyle and her connections, she started doing fashion shows at top night clubs in Atlanta. She then started creating fashionable evening wear making use of leather, PVC, velvet and spandex.

After doing many fashion show events along with training models, she notice people loved looking at the fashion, but couldn't really afford handmade custom designs. Later she started Royalty Customs, an Egyptian fashion inspired for everyday wear. Royalty Customs is more of an affordable fashion experience  with faster turnover.

Royalty Customs is a cultural fashion line that make a statement without screaming it out loud. For the love of Ancient Kush also known as Nubia aka Egypt, is what it represents. 

Now you can support and wear the fashionable  brand yourself. Don't be afraid to show how much you appreciate the culture.  


Part of the profits from the sales will go toward building a Children's school for the Nubian Village in Aswan Egypt.


Thank you for your support.   

Whats New ?

Books coming soon

 Uma York is a Fashion Designer, Specializing in Making Handmade Cultural Fashion &  Custom designs.
Royalty Customs
is a Cultural Fashion Collection for all.
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