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Egyptian Royalty Fetish Fashion Line

As a CulturalFashionDesigner,  

That loves Fashion. I Recently attend a fetish convention as a special Guest. I began to shop for an appropriate outfits.  I was surprised looking at the same Tank Dresses, Catsuits and Mermaid gowns were offered by one vendor after the next.  

I became convinced that if I was to wear something truly unique, that I would need to utilize my own skills and design it myself.


As I drew my first sketches, it occurred to me that there was an opportunity for more modern designs and to integrate an urban styling. One sketch would lead to another as the possibilities for an entire fashion line became evident.


There was so much richness of material, so much variety of style, and so many options in accessories that the first outfit evolved into several.

Then growing and into an entire fetish fashion line.  

 I am delighted to introduce the Egyptian Royalty Fetish Fashion Line.  I am so confident and inspired with this offering that I gave this line my own brand name.  I hope you enjoy and watch closely, ... this is just the beginning of my creativity ! 

UmaYork, Is a Designer and Owner of Royalty Customs. Also a seamstress that makes all of the designs you see.

white jumpsuit.JPG

Egyptian Royalty 
Fetish  Show

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